Why Parallel Tribes?

There's too much noise! There are over 60K tracks are uploaded to Spotify every single day (2020 figures)! That equates to over 22 Million every year, so the chance of an unsigned artist or band competing with Universal, Sony Music or Warner is pretty slim. Yes, just a few companies pretty much control what you hear in the musicverse.

Music has no value anymore! Even if an artist or band gets played on Spotify or any other streaming service they will get fractions of a penny for every stream and nobody buys CD's anymore really. It still takes time and money to produce and release their music so how do they ever stand a chance of making any money?

Artists need all the help they can get! If there's too much noise and music has no value how on earth does any new artist make money from their music. 

The answer is merchandise and live or streamed gigs and that's where Parallel Tribes comes in. We work with artists to build an audience for their music and to promote their own merchandise via a growing tribe of Fans. If you're here then you may well have come via a fan link or code promotion which kinda proves it's working and all we ask is that you support the artist by purchasing a little something.