Ceri Justice - Walk In Shadow CD Album

Ceri Justice - Walk In Shadow CD Album

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This is Ceri's Brand New album "Walk In Shadow" available to Pre Order on CD.

Tracks on this album:

1. Wanted
2. The Creek
3. Now I See
4. Jolene
5. Loves Let Me Down
6. You Did What You Did
7. Got This Feeling
8. Do Anything You Wanna Do
9. Thunder
10. Mess You Up
11. Walk In Shadow
12. JCC Remix

WHY? It costs in excess of £300 to record & produce each track on an album and even if Ceri gets played on Spotify or any other streaming service she will get fractions of a penny for every stream. That's why it's so important to support artists by buying their physical merchandise. The majority of the profit from your purchase goes directly to Ceri, not to a record label or publisher, thank you for your support.